Monthly Archives: October 2012

Going Places {Underwood Family Farms}

Happy Halloween from us dorks! I was SO excited we were all smiling in that picture. I do have to admit, I haven’t been much …

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Mom Style {What I Wore In The City}

Day 1:  Travel Gear. Ugh. This outfit is big and sloppy.  But it was comfortable during the 6 hour car ride. My detective hat (which …

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Going Places {Road Trip + Wedding + The City}

OK, I’m pretty sure this was our last trip to San Francisco for the year!  It did not disappoint. As I mentioned before, Stevie’s behavior was… …

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IMG_7977 copy

Stevie Fan Club {Finger Painting}

This was during Occupational Therapy.  He loved it, until he didn’t.  Kept him occupied for like 5 minutes though, which we all know is an …

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