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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Going Places {Thanksgiving Home Away From Home}

Too much food. The first words that came to mind thinking about our trip to Utah. Seriously, though. Still full. But also: laughter, beauty, nostalgia, …

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Mom Style {5 Friday Confessions on a Thursday}

I guess I really am all about that bass.  Who would’ve guessed. I highly debated pulling my “Thanksgiving pants” out of storage for the weekend.  If …

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Mom Style {Easy Steps to Teach Your Child Independence}

Teaching your child independence is so important. Even something small like putting on their own shoes can help them develop important motor skills and take …

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Stevie Fan Club {Everyone Needs an Uncle Mika}

My brother rocks. He came all the way from Missouri, accent and all, to help us out with Stevie for the weekend – just because he wanted …

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