5 Months Old

Baby: What a little stinker! Well, not all days. Yesterday his poop smelled like cookie dough, no joke. He is working so hard on rolling over. He’s done it once from his back and once from his stomach, a few days ago. Not a mastered skill yet, but we’re getting there. He is smiling and talking all the time. When he gets hungry, he doesn’t cry as much as he shouts. He wants that bottle now, dangit! His sleeping patterns are still crazy, but a couple nights a week, he’ll do really good and only wake up 1-2 times for food. The rest of the nights are still rough, but we are seeing slight improvement. He loves his jumper for about 15 minutes at a time. Rattles have become my best friend to calm him down. He will be getting his helmet in a couple weeks, so that will be funny to see I’m sure. He has eaten sweet carrots a couple of times and it is the cutest thing. I still mostly feed him boob juice though. He is a big boy. Everyone is surprised when I tell them he is 5 months old. See the stats for yourself!

Head – 16 1/2″ (20th %)
Weight – 18 lbs (80th %)

Height – 26″ (50th %)

Parents: We have been a little stressed to say the least. Papa is working his tail off to make sure we are taken care of. His normal work hours are 11am-8pm, but all the time that he’s home is spent working on other projects. Literally. He gets up early and stays up late to work from home. He is a dedicated man. And he is counting down until this year is OVER and all the procedures and surgeries are done for a little while. Hopefully it will help us feel more settled and relaxed. He also wants to spend more time with his baby! It’s hard for him, I know. I can tell you this, we are both ready for a vacation. Nothing major, just a little time away.
Mommy’s Thoughts: This week it hit me how different life has become. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different. I sometimes have to take a little time to mourn the loss of my old life and being able to do whatever I darn well pleased. I can’t go to a Conan taping when a friend has tickets. I can’t go to happy hour at Bouchon with a baby. It takes a LOT of rearranging to make certain little things work. Everything is about him. He dictates where I can and can’t go. Sometimes I don’t like that. But its true what they say, he gives you a little smile or does something to make you proud and all of a sudden it’s ALL WORTH IT. The way you look at life is totally different with this little bug depending on you. So I miss out on some fun things, but I have different kinds of fun things happening around me every day. Like I said, what a little stinker.