5 More Friday Confessions

5 More Friday Confessions
  1. Stevie’s renditions of Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Fancy by Iggy Azalea are really something else.
  2. Yes, body. 9pm does seem like a great time for a 45 minute nap — until you actually have to go to bed.
  3. I was admiring how long my nails had gotten and within 10 minutes of announcing it out loud, I broke 3 of them.
  4. The best decision my husband and I have ever made is to have a weekly date night in. We put Stevie to bed and go sit outside on the back porch in our rocking chairs with a cocktail to talk about the day when we will someday fulfill our dream of remodeling the garage. We talk about other stuff too. But mostly garage talk.
  5. Since I started shopping more “responsible” brands, I still buy something from a mainstream store about once a year (because of a gift card usually).  And this year I pretended to be a girl and bought a skirt! It’s all very exciting and I also feel very silly. So I’m going to wear it a LOT until it feels like me. Also when making an “irresponsible” purchase, I try at the very least to pick a natural fabric, wash it less, and wear it often so it has less environmental impact. Don’t judge me.


top: j. crew // skirt: sold out, but these pants were a close second // sandals: sseko designs // sunglasses: ray-bans


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