9 Years

9 Years

Does anyone else feel like it was just our anniversary?!  At least we didn’t forget this year!  In fact, Paul jumped the gun a little and thought it was yesterday.  I spent my afternoon on Amazon, searching for a good leather gift, but then realized if I ordered from our account, he would see it with a good ol’ email notification.  Amazon has busted me more than once in that department.  And I have been given strict instructions anyway, not to spend money right now, since we are saving for a house in the very near future.

That would be a great anniversary gift.

Our mantra the last few weeks has been “GOOD THINGS MUST HAPPEN.”  We are ready. Sometimes it feels like we are just dodging curve balls left and right, but no matter what, it solidifies how important our team is.  We rely on each other heavily to navigate through it all. Lots of high fives and powering through. Sometimes we’re straight up winging it.  Sometimes we make a decision and work hard towards it.  But doing it as a team is what makes it worthwhile.  And even pretty darn fun.

God I’m lucky for this one.  Happy 9th Anniversary babe!  I love you!!! wedding anniversary wedding anniversary wedding anniversary

  1. Oh yeah!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!! You guys are the best!

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