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Why are “About Me” pages so intimidating??  I talk “about me” all the time, in post after post of this here blog — you would think it would be a piece of cake.  But I’m feeling a lot of pressure okay.

So I’ll start at the beginning.  Well, not the very beginning.  The beginning of the blog, coo?

I’ve been writing and keeping my journal here for yeeeears.  I started a blog because I needed a place to put my thoughts, and I didn’t seem to have time to put pen to paper very often.  Way back then, it was mostly random thoughts, movie reviews and silly stories.  Some posts really could have just been Facebook status updates.  But when you have like 2 readers, it doesn’t matter so much.

The blog took a real turning point when my little Stevie was born and diagnosed with a surprise congenital heart defect.  At that point, this was the easiest way to keep my family and friends up to date with details of what was going on.  I was writing pretty regularly and it continued from that point — as we were met with challenge after challenge, not only with Stevie’s health and therapy sessions, but also my experience as his mom.  I knew being a mom would be tough, but I never realized how much grief, joy, sadness, frustration, and excitement one person could feel.  Sometimes in a single day… hell, in a single HOUR.  Writing everything down helped me process for sure.

For the sake of keeping things lighthearted, I started to throw in some stye posts and share my discoveries as a mom in a fashion blogger world — wanting to look cute and figure out what my style is, but not wanting a lot of stuff (or high heels).  My capsule wardrobe was born and has evolved from there.  Note: It is always a work in progress.

That just sort of scrapes the surface of what the blog has become.  You’ll see me mess around with my hair, makeup, home decor, and basically I’m a master of nothing.  It’s kind of amazing how much nothing I know.  But it’s fun to play.  And I’m trying to give myself permission to do just that.

So I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll find something that resonates with you.  Whether it’s keeping up with our little adventures, finding style inspiration, comparing parenthood experiences, or just looking at pictures of Stevie — enjoy!  Drop me a line sometime so I feel validated.