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Mom Style {Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Made in the USA Edition}

Who doesn’t love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?? For a time, I thought I might have to give up shopping there, but guess what? They have …

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Mom Style {Capsule Wardrobe Update}

Last September, I made a promise to myself to stop buying clothes that were… a waste.  No more impulse sale buys, no more cheap junk, …

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Mom Style {5 More Friday Confessions}

There are two types of people in this world. Those who use a Squatty Potty and those who don’t know what that is.  When your …

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Mom Style {Taking Stock: Summer 2016}

Making: more time for TV (we started and are almost caught up with GOT). Cooking: Stevie’s really into vegan mac + cheeze right now. So …

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