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Mom Style {36 Pictures on My 36th Birthday}

Well, well, well. 36. You are here. I don’t really know what to say. I mean, as I get older, there are so many mixed …

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Mom Style {DIY: How to Distress Stretch Jeans}

These are perfectly good jeggings. (Spell check tells me “jeggings” is not a word, but we all know better, right?  It’s a terrible word, but …

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Mom Style {5 More Friday Confessions}

That moment when you spend all evening on the phone trying to track down your wallet at every location you’ve been to in the last 3 days, …

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Mom Style {Un-Fancy Guest Post}

Good morning troops!  Remember when I went to Austin a couple weeks ago?  (You can catch the photos here.)  That trip was taken to meet style …

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