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Stevie Fan Club {Heart-iversary No. 4}

Oh, hello January 7th. It’s you again. Every year you show up and gently remind me of something. You like to remind me of something …

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Stevie Fan Club {New Year, Same Old Stuff. And a Couple New Things Too}

Man oh man, did we have a nice break for the holidays!  It felt long.  And it felt relaxing.  And it was kind of cold, which …

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Stevie Fan Club {Christmas Tales}

Well. That happened. Christmas happened.  And now it’s over.  OK, not totally over yet.  Paul and I are still going to try and watch The …

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Stevie Fan Club {Today You Turn 4}

We keep reminding you that you’re turning 4 today. You don’t really know what that means. And you don’t really know what it means to …

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