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Stevie Fan Club {Everyone Needs an Uncle Mika}

My brother rocks. He came all the way from Missouri, accent and all, to help us out with Stevie for the weekend – just because he wanted …

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Stevie Fan Club {Breakthrough Moment}

He has them every once in awhile.  The breakthroughs.  And we finally feel some validation for all of our hard work day in, day out.  And that …

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Mom Style {5 More Friday Confessions: Halloween Edition}

The most scared I’ve ever been on Halloween was about 10 minutes ago, when the house was really quiet and one of Stevie’s sound puzzles started …

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Stevie Fan Club {Fan is a Strong Word}

It’s been a helluva month, my friends. There haven’t been many Stevie updates and that’s simply because each post would be a long list of complaints …

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