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Stevie Fan Club {Rock-a-bye Big Boy}

Sleep. Oh sweet sleep. It has never come easy for Stevie, thus making it difficult suck for us.  And, in fact, I get paranoid talking about, …

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Stevie Fan Club {Bring Your Kid to Work Day}

In shocking Mommy Fail news, I forgot Stevie had spring break this week.  We drove him all the way to school and realized no one …

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Stevie Fan Club {DIY Visual Schedule for Toddler}

It’s no secret that Stevie can be… difficult.  And I’m being so very kind when I say this.  Yesterday he threw such a tantrum leaving …

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Stevie Fan Club {Rainy Day Adventures + Video}

As you may have heard, sunny Southern Cal has been in the middle of a horrible drought.  We were finally lucky enough to have water …

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