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Going Places {8 Years and Counting}

DAD! DAD! DAD! Eat!  Dad!  Eat! EAT! EAT! Mom. Mom! MOM! EAT!!! That would be the sound of sweet Stevie first thing in the morning. …

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8 year wedding anniversary

Going Places {Summer of Stevie}

While the last couple weeks have pushed me to my limits, this past weekend had some really… fulfilling moments, helping to put me back in …

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Going Places {Palm Springs Girly Best Ever Bachelorette Weekend}

Palm Springs. 113 degrees. Fantastic house. Poolside. SPF 100. Awesome group. Great food. Girl talk. The kind of weekend where your biggest problem is who’s getting …

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Going Places {#TBT: Disneyland}

This Disneyland trip was only a couple years ago, but in some ways it feels like a lifetime!  I can honestly barely remember it.  I could only tell …

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