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Going Places {LACMA}

Sometimes when I take Stevie out on the town, I have to talk myself into it.  I have to convince myself it will be a …

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Going Places {First Time at Knott’s Berry Farm}

This was not only Stevie’s first trip to Knott’s, but mine too!  I have been to Knott’s SCARY Farm a couple times – but that is much …

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Going Places {4th of July Weekend}

Sneaky, sneaky 4th of July.  Where did you come from?  I mean BAM!  All of a sudden, am I right? When I woke up on …

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Going Places {Marina Del Rey Beach Day}

Let me tell you a little something about taking a 3-year old to the beach.  Actually, I should clarify. Because I have seen plenty of Instagram …

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