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Going Places {Ventura County Fair}

**Note:  If you skip ahead to the pictures, you can just pretend we had an awesome day! I want to start this by saying that …

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Going Places {DTLA Art Installation}

Here’s the deal, guys.  I’m not like into art.  I don’t even know what this particular art installation is called.  The worst.  But here’s the …

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Around Here Lately {Summer Edition}

It’s no secret that I have a bit of an eff you attitude towards Summer.  I’m sorry Summer!!  It’s not totally your fault.  We certainly …

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Going Places {Summer Fun with 2 Kids in Tow!}

Today…?  Today, I think I should find a way to decompress.  My inner introvert is screaming for some alone time.  This last week, I was aiming for …

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