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Going Places {Natural History Museum in Los Angeles}

I have been putting off taking Stevie to the Natural History Museum because… well, he’s Stevie.  He has shown no interest in nature or history. …

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Mom Style {Minimalist Packing List for a Winter Trip}

So some people will surely scoff at this winter packing list.  It is obviously not for a trip to say… Alaska.  Or Minnesota.  We are not …

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Going Places {Mom & Stevie Take the Metrolink}

Stevie and I needed this day. BAD. The last two weeks with Stevie have basically been torture.  And that’s putting it lightly.  He is struggling …

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Going Places {Austin, Texas Blogging Trip}

Howdy-ho and yeehaw e’rybody!  I just got home from Texas a couple days ago, where they don’t actually say howdy-ho OR yeehaw.  But they do …

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