I am super excited. I just bought our tickets for Coldplay and we are on the FLOOR! I thought I had reached a point in my life where I didn’t really care where we sat. Really, it’s more about the music and sometimes being farther back is better because you’re away from some of the crazies. But this is so awesome!! I haven’t been this excited for a show since I had 4th row DMB tickets like 8 years ago. These aren’t 4th row, but heck. It is still rad! The concert is in July, so I still have like 5 months of anticipation.

YAY anyway!!

  1. I am seriously more jealous right now than I have been in a LONG time! I threw in a Coldplay song on the show right after I read this post and let my listeners know how lucky my sister-in-law is. You’re gonna have a blast!


  2. Oh you lucky girl! Sometimes I think “If I was twenty years younger I would go to: (Insert concert choice here. Lately it’s been Coachella, Bonaroo, or any summer festival, really).

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