Easter Sunday in the OC

Easter Sunday in the OC

We survived another holiday!

That’s not to say that Stevie wasn’t still in FULL ON Easter-mode when he woke up this morning.  At 6:30 he had sweets on the brain, and certainly hadn’t forgotten the lollipop we promised him “later”.  His favorite game as of late is to watch me put Hot Wheels into Easter eggs and then act surprised when he opens them.  Family fun for everyone.  And by everyone, I mean just him.

Anyway, our Easter weekend overall was super busy and productive, and Easter Sunday was superb!  Some of the family from Paul’s side live down by the ocean in beautiful Dana Point and I really never tire of going there.  Sure, we had a little detour through DTLA because of traffic (never fails) but once we arrived, everything was beautiful.  You guys should’ve seen the spread.  It might have been my favorite Easter meal to date — thanks to our resident Jewish Morrocan with the thick French accent.  He just nailed everything.

The drive down for Stevie was tough (and thereby annoying for everyone else) but it was actually pretty cute that he was excited.  He even verbalized “I so excited for Easter hunt!” and I just about died.  Because for the last several years, that’s the stuff I dreamed about — for him to get pumped about holidays and just enjoy being a dang kid!  The drawback would be the insane amount of greediness that comes along with the excitement, but this year was definitely improved across all areas.  I think.

He really did love the day.  He played with a variety of toys, shared his iPad, played dress-up with angel wings, and kept hunting for eggs long after the coveted golden egg had been found.  He had such a fun time with the cousins, and I have to say, they win the award for being awesome with him.  When his behaviors would get out of line (hello coughing in your face on purpose to get a reaction) the kids were so patient — and it brings me such feelings of comfort that he has that kind of support in the family.  I hope and pray that these built-in friendships last.  He’s not always the easiest to be around, so I appreciate them (and what their parents have taught them) so much!

Holy faces!

How was your Easter weekend?  Are your kids greedy beasts during the holidays too?!


  1. My daughter insisted that every Easter basket she saw was hers and rip them open…I don’t think giving her a sibling this past year taught her a lot about sharing ha!

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