Essential Oils Storage Using IKEA Ribba Shelf

Essential Oils Storage Using IKEA Ribba Shelf

When Stevie was a baby, I used the IKEA RIBBA shelf in his room as a bookshelf.  It was awfully cute.

ikea hack, book shelf, ribba shelf But one big problem?  The books kept falling off!  The lip of the shelf was just too low and all those big board books were constantly tipping over.  So I eventually took them down and I’ve had them sitting around the house, waiting to find a good use for them.

Then last week, I got my first order of DoTerra Essential Oils.  Everyone ooooh and aaaaah with me.  These oils are no minor investment.  And with something that expensive, my husband said “as long as you use them, it’s fine”, which could also be taken as “if I ever see these sitting in a box somewhere untouched, I will cut off your spending completely”.

So my first order of business was to put some Lavender on Stevie’s feet to see if he would calm the eff down.

And my second order of business was to find a good place to store the oils, so they would be easily accessible.  Turns out the RIBBA was perfect.  It holds the oils 2 deep and will store about 36 bottles, give or take.  I also keep my coconut oil on there.  The shelf virtually takes up no space, but the oils are right in my reach.  And the best part is, the shelf is so easy to install, I did it by myself.  In about 5 minutes.  With a child yelling at me.  (The lavender doesn’t help him right off the bat as much as we hoped.  I was really looking for magic.  But anyway.)  All you need is a couple screws, a drill and a level.  And as with most home projects, if I can do it, anyone can.

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  1. This is so perfect! I have a lot of friends that use these oils, so I will be sharing it…and eventually falling prey to them myself! Looking for some magic in my own life! 🙂

  2. Hi Jaana,
    I found your blog thru Unfancy. Love your edgy style!
    I loved your post on Unfancy, but I really love what you do here. I went back to Stevie’s birth and read nearly every post. Your writing about all things Stevie is raw and eloquently describes some of my same feelings. Sign me up for the Stevie Fan Club and the Mama Bear Club!
    I am Mom to 18 year old Ryan, who has multiple disabilities.
    I read this post today while Ryan was with his Massage Therapist, who also uses oils. She suggested to use Jojoba as a barrier, then Lavender, as the pure oils can irritate kids with SID. You could also mix it with a naked lotion. She also said if you put Peppermint oil on a cotton ball and let him breathe it, you might find that to be calming to him. I hope that helps.
    Don’t give up. Miracles happen every day!
    Your new fan in Texas,

    1. Thank you so much Wanda!!! This online community has been fabulous for helping me with stuff like this. Glad you stopped by and thanks for sharing a bit of your story too. <3

  3. Perfection! Move aside nail polish!! 🙂

  4. I bet this gets more likes than the nail polish! 🙂 maybe…

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