Our Little Backyard Paradise

Our Little Backyard Paradise

I’ve been meaning to share house pictures for quite some time. But I haven’t taken any. So that puts a damper on things. Plus, it’s not really ready. I’m doing everything in my power to add things slowly and buy pieces that really speak to me, so it’s going to be a process. And I’m in no rush. I want to end up with decor that I really enjoy looking at and maybe even showing off a little bit.

The outside isn’t necessarily complete either. I feel like it will always be a work in progress. But I recently tidied up our back patio when we hosted a party a couple weekends ago. And I’m just in love with the space. Like oogly-googly heart all a-flutter LOVE. (If you follow me on Instagram you probably got the message.)  I also have a weird relationship with my plants. I probably shouldn’t get into it.

Today with Stevie has been… special (oh I can’t even pretend it’s been anything other than a disaster), so in order to avoid him a little bit, I snapped some pics and am now writing a blog post. Stevie, can’t you see I’m working?? Sheesh. 

Although, to be fair, this kid just finished 10 days of antibiotics for pink eye AND an ear infection, and now he’s got a cold. We are both annoyed about it.

Anyway, pics:

Plants and pots are mostly from IKEA but my favorite one is from Target // wooden rocking chairs: gift (similar) // blanket: vendor at Olvera Street (similar) // lounge chairs: stolen from work about 10 years ago (similar) // hanging baskets: lowe’s // red rug: old from Target (similar)  // wrought iron rack: thrifted // tall plant shelf: IKEA // hanging lights: FEIT brand, available at Costco and Amazon

  1. Jaana, it looks amazing! Gorgeous photos too. And, um is that a banana tree?!? Plantains? Feeling jealous of your climate right now. Hope Stevie feels better soon!

    1. we really don’t even know what these bananas are! someone said “apple bananas” some people think plantains… it’s a mystery i have to look further into!

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