GIVEAWAY: Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

GIVEAWAY: Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Alright ladies, so this might not be the sexiest Mother’s Day giveaway ever.  But as someone who had a really hard time finding natural deodorant that actually worked, I am pretty excited about it!  Smelling good certainly can’t hurt the sexy factor.

First of all, please tell me you have switched to natural deodorant and are avoiding all the unnecessary garbage in regular deodorant?  (This coming from the woman who fully uses toxic dryer sheets in the laundry because they smell so amazing.  But that is neither here nor there, okaaay?)

Yes?  No?  Maybe?

Believe me, I was on the fence too.  I used regular ol’ deodorant from the time I was 12-ish until about 2 years ago.  Don’t try to do the math.

I am not a scientist and don’t actually know how much worse regular deodorant is for you — if at all — but when we started making small changes in our diets, it kind of spilled over into stuff like this too.  I started using soap and shampoo with natural ingredients and I’m hoping to eventually switch to more natural skin care too.  This just felt like a good place to start going to the crunchy side.

I tried quite a few natural deodorants at first and was NOT impressed.  Like, honestly, I never knew I could smell so bad.  This was not going well for me.  So I’d only use the natural deodorant when I knew there was no chance of sweating.  Forget about summer time.  Ugh.

Then after several months of experimenting, I found a couple that I liked.  But they were in glass tubs and felt really inconvenient to put on.  It took just a tiny bit too long.

Enter (drumroll please)…  Schmidt’s Naturals!

schmidt's natural deodorant, mothers day, giveaway, skin care A natural deodorant.  That works.  In traditional stick form. Yaaaaay!!  Goes on easy and is more convenient for travel, a gym bag, and yes.  Even my beloved fanny pack.

And here’s the good, sexy giveaway part!

Schmidt’s wants to give one of my lucky readers a 5 pack of their natural deodorant to try!

schmidt's natural deodorant, mothers day, giveaway, skin care It is so easy to enter too.  Just leave a comment  here on the blog telling me what you want to give or get for Mother’s Day (besides this awesome deodorant) and I will choose a winner at random.  If you want a bonus entry, you can also like and comment on this Instagram post.

I know, I know.  Try to contain yourselves.  And get to commenting!  Good luck!


***no purchase necessary to enter.  drawing will be closed at 11:59pm on sunday, may 14th 2017 and the winner will be chosen at random on monday, may 15th, 2017 and notified via email.  shipping costs will be covered by me.  giveaway sponsored by schmidt’s naturals.

  1. I just want to pamper my mom in whatever way she wants: pedis & dinner or just a movie on the couch

  2. For Mother’s Day I got my mom a starter kit of some essential oils I hope she’ll really enjoy!

  3. For mother’s day I would like a day of silence. No complaining or whining. Just a day spent with my little family and everything goes smoothly. Also getting insurance approval on extending Logan’s coverage on speech would be a perfect gift.

  4. I want to get permanent eyeliner done (strangely feels the opposite of crunchy granola behavior) but anyhoo . . .my husband (and baby daddy) let it spill last night that he’s planned a street taco progressive afternoon for Sunday and I’m SO there for that! love that he thought of that because street tacos are like my favorite thing. . .

  5. Since my mom has an upcoming trip to NY planned, my sister and I are giving her some little travel goodies and city guides to enjoy on the plane.

  6. Taking my Mom for a mani-pedi, and assuming my mani-pedi will be my gifts from my kiddos 🙂

  7. For Mother’s Day, I would LOVE a nap. I also unashamedly hinted around for some Lush bath products…

    1. For Mother’s Day I would like a baby please lol. (I’ve shared my story with you before so I kept this short and sweet lol) I accidently commented under Katie’s name too-no clue how that happened sorry!

  8. I just want a peaceful day for both my mom and myself. I don’t need “things”. Maybe gratitude! Maybe a gluten free meal brought to me from a restaurant (I don’t wanna people!)

  9. I’m excited to spend the day with my mom and give her a fun experience of high tea.

  10. I love Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant – I’ve made major changes in the products we use, everything from food to toilet bowl cleaner. Ironically enough everything else was easily transitioned – EXCEPT DEODORANT. I must have gone through every natural brand I came across at Whole Foods, Target, Trader Joe’s, you name it… Nothing worked. Nothing. There’s nothing less sexy than stinky pits – let’s be honest. Until… Schmidt’s! Hallelujah – it really really works. Lavender is my favorite because it’s classic, and lovely without being overbearing. I seriously can’t life without it!

    This is the first mother’s day in 25 years that my mom and I have been apart, and by apart I mean 3,000+ miles. For mother’s day she’s getting a package of all the local (Boston) things she misses most. If it were in the budget we’d surprise visit, but it’s just not in the cards this year.

    I hope everyone has a lovely mother’s day with loved ones!


  11. I love your product so much! I have my two teenage daughters using Schmidt’s and my husband! I am trying to convince my beautiful mom to use your product as well and would love this giveaway for her! She’s 75 and I feel you are never to old to be healthy! 💕

    1. I love your product so much! I have my two teenage daughters using Schmidt’s and my husband! I am trying to convince my beautiful mom to use your product as well and would love this giveaway for her! She’s 75 and I feel you are never to old to be healthy!

  12. Great post! I’ve tried a few different natural deodorants to varying effect. Would love to give these a shot!

  13. I would just love to sleep in. With a two year old that has been waking up around 5am every day I would love to sleep until 7 or 8.

  14. I’d love this pack of amazing deodorant for Mother’s Day! And a short trip to Kauai.

  15. My sister and I are getting our mom her favorite Hallmark movies on DVD so the old VHS can be gotten rid of. As for me I’m hoping to spend the day fishing with my husband and two girls. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  16. I usually give my mom a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon along with a bottle of wine…
    I switched from regular deodorant to a deodorant stone because I didn’t like all the chemicals in regular deodorant. I just wish the stone actually smelled like something. I’m so excited that I’ve finally found a company like Schmidt and I can’t wait to try some of their products!

  17. If I could give anything to my mom I think I would give her a ticket to India or Uganda, Africa. Her heart is set in those places and she would absolutely LOVE it if she could go back. She loves the kids, the orphans(pretty much everbody).

  18. I usually give my mom a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon along with a bottle of wine…
    I switched from regular deodorant to a deodorant stone because I didn’t like all the chemicals in regular deodorant. I just wish the stone actually smelled like something. I’m so excited that I’ve finally found a company like Schmidt and I can’t wait to try some of their products!

  19. I seriously had the same issue. I could NOT find a natural deodorant that actually worked. I tried the crystal and Toms and everything in between…. NOTHING. I ran into Schmidts at New Seasons and my addiction started. I have the jar for home and the stick for traveling!! I have only used the bergamot and lime because my store doesn’t carry the vanilla rose and the coconut pineapple but I hope they start too! I would love to help my mom transition to natural products to save the animals that are being used in labs for testing as well as clean our body toxins out! If I could give my mom anything for Valentine’s Day… it would be a massage day so she can be pampered and feel amazing about herself 🌸 @mirandakaaaye

  20. I just want to make sure my mom feels appreciated and loved even though we will be spending the days miles apart. ❤️

  21. I’d love ❤️ a phone call from my oldest son who is in Basic Training for the U.S. Army 🇺🇸 It would definitely make me cry but fill my heart with joy. #momof3boys #ineedgooddeodorant

  22. I would love to spend Mothers Day with my mother having sushi and garden shopping! She also was the one who got me using all natural Deodorant’s so I would LOVE to be able to introduce this amazing brand to her!

  23. I will be honest and tell you i wanna try this for myself (ok ok ill give one to my mom) and for mothers day I am hosting a brunch for my beautiful mother #fingercrossedIrlywannawin ❤️❤️❤️

  24. I’m one week into wearing Geranium and random people have commented on how great I smell. I am so enthusiastic about this product that I want to share the deodorant love. Winning this prize would help me do so!!

  25. For Mother’s Day, I want to spend some time outside in nature with my husband and kids. A hike would be lovely. I’d love to sneak out for a massage and facial when the toddler is napping. Healthy take-out for dinner would be a bonus. Ending the day with a good book, and getting to sleep at a decent hour to ensure a full night’s rest would be ideal!

  26. Besides getting a chance to finally try this awesome deodorant, I’d love to give my mom a smile (she has a wonderful smile that lights up a room) and something to help her take her already awesome DIY abilities to the next level.maybe a Cricut (when I can afford one!)? 🙂

  27. For Mother’s Day I would like to get my mom some more flowers for her beautiful garden. I just got her a new rose bush, so I’m currently on the hunt for the newest member!

  28. For mothers day i am getting my mom an oil diffuser! she has always wanted one. Also taking her out for a nice brunch!

  29. I want to take my mom on a well deserved Oregon coast vacation. I would love to rent a beach house for her and treat her to some great seafood restaurants.
    She is the mother of 10 children (including myself) and deserves a break. I don’t think my busy and hardworking mom has ever been on a vacation!
    I also just ordered Schmidt’s for the first time a few weeks ago and I love it! My mom wants to try it out now! 😂👌🏻

  30. I want to go to brunch with my husband and son. Then I would like the gift of going to the studio and get my yoga on!

  31. I got my mom bath bombs and other goodies for Mother’s Day! (We actually celebrated last night because she is a doctor and on call for the next week!) She was excited to take more relaxing baths. Wooo mission accomplished!

  32. I’ve always wanted to go natural and try this product. Just not sure it can handle my odor. I’m staying hopeful I can try.

  33. My siblings and I got my mom a book that each of us have taken different pages of to fill out. It’s all about favorite memories, what we have learned from her, what we are thankful for that she’s done, etc. in addition to that, we are taking her and my Grammy to the beach for the weekend. They need some time away from their daily routine!

  34. It’s been 7 years since I spent mothers’ day with my mom, because I went to study abroad. I’ll be able to visit her this summer 🙂
    Just want to spend some time with her, and treat her with organic product.

  35. My mom has always wanted to go on a cruise, so this year I am saving up to pay for our trip. I won’t be able to present my gift on Mother’s Day, but I’m sure she will appreciate it nonetheless

  36. It’s been 7 years since I spent mothers’s day with my mom since I went to study abroad. I’ll be able to visit her this summer and since I’m switching to natural deodorant, I’d love her to try this as well 🙂 looking forward seeing her.

  37. I love Schmidt’s natural deo! Besides giving their deo to my mom for Mother’s Day, I would like to give my mom everything that smells rose! She loves the smell of rose. I would also like to make sure she has such a lovely day since she is my rock and my leader for being a strong, quirky, woman!

  38. This looks amazing and probably smell as good as they look too. 🌹🌼🌻🌈🌞😊😘😮😀

  39. We are hitting up a brunch spot downtown and then heading to a local craft market…it is very possible that I will drop some major gift hints while browsing 😉

  40. I am currently studying abroad, so this is going to be the first time that I don’t get to spend Mother’s Day with my mama. However, I will be sending a secret package full of her favorite scent and body care. I will be sure to video chat with her so that I can see her facial expressions!!!

  41. I would like to give my grandma a bodycare set, body butter and perfume. Self care is so important and I want her to feel pampered, always. For Mother’s Day, I just want to go on a nature walk with my three little girls and maybe create some art.

  42. I am currently studying abroad and this will be the first time that I don’t spend Mother’s Day with my mama. I am planning to send her a secret package full of her favorite scent and body care! I will definitely be video chatting with her to see her facial expressions!!!

  43. This Mother’s Day I would like to relax, and time with my family. And an upgrade on my wedding set would be nice too. I’m giving my mom an iPad so she can FaceTime with me and my family. 😊 I’ve recently tried Schmidt’s and love it. Now I would like to share with my family.

  44. My mom this year is out of the country, she left to take care of my ailing aunt. I wish i could send her a special suprise but unfortunately she is thousands of miles away. Ordinarly i get her flowers and take her out on a day thats not super duper crowded.

  45. I hope to spend Mother’s Day with my lovely mother, garden shopping 🌺🌸🌷

  46. No plans for Mother’s Day. My kiddos will probably make me breakfast though❤️ I’ve been completely revamping what food my family eats.Trying to eat clean and use safer hygiene and household products. I’ve only seen Tom’s brand natural deodorant and it has mixed reviews. Looking forward to trying Schmidt’s.

  47. I would like to spend the day with my family relaxing and eating good food (hopefully prepared by someone other than myself).😉

  48. I realistically wish I could give my mum the world. Living in a different country makes it extra difficult on Mother’s Day. Fortunately flowers can be delivered and a heart felt card goes a long way. Never hurts to throw in a spa day together next time I’m back in Canada. Oh man, I should just buy her flights to come see me?!

  49. It’s so hard to choose what to get for my mom as I live in a different country than her! Usually get her some gorgeous flowers and send a card filled with words from the heart. She deserves so much more, so realistically I wish I could give her everything!!!

  50. Love your website design. I’m surprising my mother with flowers at work on Friday, then taking her on a mimosa boat cruise! But not on mother’s day, so it’s not so crazy crowded!

  51. I just want to hang out with my kid and husband. Maybe a day at the pool? Oh and a massage would be nice!

  52. I would like a pedicure and a long walk by myself listening to podcasts.

  53. All I want for Mother’s Day….is to take a photo of my 87 year-old grandmother who is traveling allll the way from Massachusetts to LA to visit my daughter – her great granddaughter. It is also her birthday on Sunday, and quite possibly will be the happiest moment of life to witness this sweet moment, one that I will treasure forever!!

  54. I just want to have a relaxing day with my family and go out to lunch or dinner. And, a coffee mug that says “Monma Needs Coffee”.

  55. I would love a day all to myself that is paid for my my children (who are 19&20). Is that wrong?

  56. Gimme gimme! I’ve been looking for a deodorant that actually works for me. I’m too woman for regular deodorant!

  57. I’m looking forward to some me time :-)I would als love a lovely brunch with family.

  58. For Moms Day, I’d love to just take her out for dinner at her favorite restaurant, just the two of us. She’s on the other end of the country but I plan to make this happen when we’re in town!

  59. Love trying anything natural! Right now using Native deoderant, so would love to try Schmidt’s. All I want
    for mothers day is for my family to be together! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  60. I’m excited to give my mom a necklace with the birthstones of all her grandkids! I would really love to get something pretty from my husband 😉

  61. I too have started to try to “go” natural. HA. Like I am a dork. But, I have stopped eating beef and really thoroughly looking into other areas in my life. Since diagnosis I have been super mindful of my shampoos, creams, etc. I’m not perfect by any means, but really trying to do what i can with my limited ($) resources. I sometimes use Tom’s (watching the Propelyne Glycol always) when I’m home. But, can’t quite stop the Secret when I’m out and about. TRYING tho!

    So, since this holiday doesn’t apply to me I don’t “want” anything. But, I”m sure my mom would love homemade things from her grandkids! You know! 🙂 <3

    I've never heard of this brand. Excited to hopefully win or find them around here!

  62. I would love to gift a Nespresso machine to my mom! Who doesn’t need a fancy coffee at home?! ☕

  63. I love Schmidts!! I’m not a mother myself, but I plan on getting my mom some beautiful plants for around the house. They are her favorite!

  64. Have been using natural deoderant for 5 years but am always interested in finding something that might be better than what I am currently using. Chasing the ‘grands’ on Mother’s Day just got sweeter smelling! Love the lavender scent.

  65. For Mother’s Day I would like to go on a run with the family and not have someone whine the entire time. I love that you posted this because I have been trying to find a better deodorant but I hate spending so much money to hope that it works or doesn’t smell awful!

  66. I’d love for my husband to not have to work on Mother’s Day per usual, so that we can spend the day as a family this year! And also a new sewing machine :p (Hey, a mama’s gotta dream, right?!)

  67. Mother’s Day is hard for me. This will be the second one without my mom who died unexpectedly about 1.5 yrs ago. It will probably be a quiet day with me home alone most of the day. Husband working (Firefighter), son working and daughter away at college finishing up this semester. We’ll all be together the following weekend so that will be good! I”ve never tried a natural deodorant but would love to try! Thanks for the chance to win ;c)

  68. All I really want for Mother’s Day is my bi-annual hair cut. Lol.(It just seems so hard to prioritize over, vet appointments or grocery shopping, etc.) Or flowers… yes, maybe flowers. 🙂

    I desperately want to win this because I have been trying natural deodorants consistently for about 4 years and STILL haven’t found one that works for me. Ugh! Maybe this will be it??

  69. For Mother’s day each “kid” got my mom a hello fresh or blue apron box. They are doing renovations on their house and we are hoping it will ease up their life a little. Plus, give them new foods to try!

  70. All I want is an evening at the Korean spa ALONE. 😬😬😬

  71. All I want for mother’s day is for people to appreciate their moms everyday. I would love to win this deodorant because my sister has been nagging me to switch to a natural and I don’t know where to start or what I’m looking for. So if I win it will be much easier!

  72. I would so love for my husband to organize someone to clean the house for me…8 months pregnant and 4 kids (not including the husband) to clean up after…maybe I stand a better chance at winning the deodorant :). Would love to try it…currently using a diy.

  73. For Mother’s Day, I’d love to go out to eat at some yummy vegan restaurant with my hubby and baby and then take a nap. Some fresh cut flowers on the counter would maybe be nice too💕

  74. I would love for my daughters to clean the house and feed me!

  75. Omg, I am embarrassingly excited about the idea of winning a whole pack of those deodorants!! Schmidt’s is the best but I’ve only ever tried their unscented variety because I can’t commit! All I want for Mothers Day is…to sleep in. Like every mother ever, right?

  76. Love giving my Mom fresh cut flowers & a gift certificate for a pedicure. If I win, Ill throw in some deoderant 😉 i love schmidt’s. I tried so many natural ones and the stank was too real for too long until I found them.

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