8 Years and Counting

8 Years and Counting




Eat!  Dad!  Eat!







That would be the sound of sweet Stevie first thing in the morning.

Cue me, burying my head under as many pillows as I can find, trying to drown out the nagging.

Paul and I roll over and give each other the look. We gather ourselves with every little bit of energy we can muster and fall out of bed.  The day goes into high gear right away.  Paul’s pouring coffee, making breakfast.  Stevie is giving orders.  I go directly to the computer to get as much work done as possible while Stevie is occupied with breakfast.  Then before you know it, Stevie’s off to school and we can breathe for about a second.

It was during this breath, that a Facebook reminder popped up to break the news to me that today was, in fact, my wedding anniversary.  Wait.  What?  Today?  Oh yeah.  It’s the 24th.  Shoot!  Do I say something?  Is it totally going to give it away that I forgot?

I meekly peek into the bedroom and say “Babe?  Oh my gosh, we are so lame… I just got a Facebook reminder that it’s our anniversary!”  He laughs and says “Oh no!!! We are so sad!  We forgot!”

Phew.  It wasn’t just me.

We hugged and laughed about it and then back to the busy day at hand.  This blog post is  even lackluster, since I’m trying to squeeze it in during Stevie’s nap in between editing a bajillion wedding photos.  I don’t even have time to go through old pics of us looking young and happy!  So boring!

So I’ll just say there’s no one I’d rather forget an anniversary with than my dear husband! Love you babe.

8 year wedding anniversary Oh here’s a pic of us from the weekend!  Yay!  At least we went somewhere!

  1. You guys are too funny! Happy anniversary!

  2. You guys are adorable…. makes me want to barf.

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