Book of Mormon Musical at the Pantages

Book of Mormon Musical at the Pantages

Opening night at The Book of Mormonnnnn.  I was there!

What can I say about it?  Everyone knows it’s insanely offensive and completely hilarious, right?  I was a little bit nervous going in that it would be too offensive for my sweet, innocent little ears. I grew up as a Mormon.  And even after I stopped attending church, I still lived by most of the “rules” for a long time.  I have no ill will towards the Mormons, I LOVE Mormons.  Some of my best friends and favorite family members are Mormon.  Famous last words huh?  But really, I had mixed emotions about seeing it.

And besides the whole dismissing-the-idea-of-the-whole-religion thing, it wasn’t that offensive.  Well, I mean it was.  But not to me.  I just cover my eyes and ears when I don’t want to see something filthy. Haha!  But really, if you don’t like foul language, obviously it is not for you.  If you don’t like sexual humor, it’s not for you.  I would say if you don’t like SouthPark, don’t see it.  But I don’t like SouthPark and I saw it.  And I enjoyed it.

It was so well done.  The missionaries were so endearing and adorable.  I really loved them so much. The scene in the Missionary Training Center (MTC)  was one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.  It made me so happy.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  The music was good and fun and everyone’s voices were on point.  The story line got really crazy as soon as the missionaries arrived in Uganda and the outrageous just kept coming.  I can’t imagine anyone leaving the theater hating it.  Unless you are one of the aforementioned foul language and sex joke haters.

I also gotta give a salute to the LDS marketing team for including a 3 page ad for the actual Book of Mormon in the playbill.  I thought it was genius! So cheeky and a quiet little poke at the play without making it a big deal.  Awesome idea, whoever thought of that!

book of mormon musical, los angeles, going places book of mormon musical, los angeles, going places If you’re in the LA area and you live under a rock,  The Book of Mormon is playing at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood until May 11th.  Go, go, go!  I heard StubHub has good ticket deals.

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  1. I’ve read so many favorable reviews of TBOM (and like you, can’t stand SP) and hopefully, fingers crossed, it will make it’s way down south at some point. The Pantages Theater is beautiful!

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