A Soup Story

A Soup Story

It’s time for your weekly installment of this mom is a dummy! Are you ready?!

So yesterday was cold. Real cold. And windy. Warm comfort food was a high priority for dinner. I decided tomato soup was the ticket, and quickly found a vegan recipe online. Again, this was an easy recipe. Nothing complicated about it. I knew I could do it!

But just in case I couldn’t, I bought a back-up boxed tomato soup too.  in the kitch, dinner prep, vegan tomato soup

As I finished up shopping for my ingredients, I started to question why I was trying to make the soup from scratch anyway, when this other one looked perfectly fine. But I knew it would be good practice for me. Work on those life skills. And always trying to impress the husband so he’ll keep me around a little longer.

Stevie was a trooper while we shopped and I was feeling confident – until a woman trying to walk past me in the aisle said, “Pardon me SIR.”  Sir? SIR?!

It’s ok, shake that off. This is about the soup.

Jump to meal prep – everything was going fine. Soup was cooking, looking good. I smelled success in my future. The last step was just to blend it all together. The recipe said to use an immersion blender, but I don’t know what that is. So I tried a hand-mixer first. No go. Not powerful enough to do anything other than splash tomato juice everywhere. So I decided to use the real blender. I’ve used it maybe 3 times in the last 10 years, but I mean, it’s a blender. Basic stuff.

I tested out a small amount of soup first and it worked great. Added more and more, taking my time, doing it slowly and properly as to not mess up all my hard work up until this point. When the soup looked good and ready, I lifted the blender to pour it into a bowl, and…

in the kitch, dinner prep, vegan tomato soup The whole bottom fell out. Apparently I was missing a piece. Or put it together wrong. So. The soup was gone.

Actually, I salvaged just enough to mix it in with the boxed soup, and no one would’ve been the wiser. But then when my husband got home and said I looked like a little boy in that sweater, I couldn’t help but should out, “HEY!! I’ve had a hard day!! Someone called me sir! And I messed up the soup!”

He laughed and laughed and we ate the salvaged soup with lots of sourdough bread, which required only using a toaster.

The toaster and me? We got this.

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  1. fyi: immersion blenders are fantastic! No worries about transferring into the blender container or hot food explosions (plus, one less dish to wash…). It’s basically a blender on a stick and I use mine all the time – especially for preparing Indian cuisine (tons of vegan options there…). It also has a whisk attachment and a mini prep bowl attachment that acts like a tiny, adorable food processor.

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