Summer Squash Salad

Summer Squash Salad

There’s a reason I don’t have many In The Kitch posts.  And you may think it’s because I just don’t like cooking. Which is true.  But it’s also because it is farkin’ impossible with Stevie.  Even this simple dish took farkin’ forever and all it required was some chopping.  But 45 minutes of chopping and wrestling, in which I may or may not have told Stevie to “Please. Just. Shut. It. For. One. Minute”, and this salad gets its very own post. Because the squash in it is my squash.  Homegrown on my very own patio!  I was so impressed with myself, I even took a selfie with my dinner!  Cool like that.   A dork like that.

in the kitch, summer squash, salad

Like a proud mama.  With my little babies.  …All chopped up into edible bits.  Weird.

Anyway, here’s where I got the recipe.  No cooking required!  It was so pretty putting it all together and Stevie snacked on some of the healthy scraps that made their way to the floor. It turned out waaaaay too tart but still made a pretty good garnish to broiled salmon.  Next time, less vinegar and it could probably stand as an actual salad, without quite so many leftovers.

in the kitch, summer squash, salad in the kitch, summer squash, salad in the kitch, summer squash, salad If you decide to try it, let me know how it turned out!  Enjoy!


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