5 More Friday Confessions

5 More Friday Confessions
  1. On one of my Pinterest DIY’s, someone commented “I thought this was a bloated Miley Cyrus”.  Well, joke’s on you kid, because I’m thirty-FIVE.  So any day that I look like a 20-year old celebrity, bloated or not, is a good day in my book.
  2. How is everyone finding maxi dresses?!  I have literally tried on 50+ and can’t find The One.
  3. We have finally started switching over Stevie’s room from a baby room to a little kid’s room. The crib is gone. It is overdue, AND it’s been fun seeing him transition to a new bed and have a growing desire to play in his new space.
  4. That being said, the living room looks like a tornado came through since I was hiding a lot of junk in Stevie’s old room.  I don’t even know where to start with finding places for this stuff.
  5. One of my latest guilty pleasures is a store in the Burbank mall called All-Pro Sports $5 Store.  They sell a bunch of sad sports memorabilia that nobody really wants and everything in the store is 5 bucks. BUT I don’t care about the sports stuff obviously.  I’m there for the souvenir California t-shirts.  I buy a couple at a time and chop them up into tank tops.  Kinda fun.

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