Minimalist Packing List for a Las Vegas Weekend

Minimalist Packing List for a Las Vegas Weekend

When I think of Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely not my mom style.  So when I was packing for my weekend getaway, I started to feel a little like what has happened to me?  But guess what all you young, beautiful, blingy bikini wearing girls; I, the 36-year old lady wearing the straw hat by the pool?  I was once like you.  Kinda.  Except that one time we were going to a club and one of my friends said I looked like I was going to church.  But I digress.  I have reached the days where my biggest desire is, above all else, to be comfortable when I travel. And there may or may not come a time in your life where you too will just want to feel frumpy relaxed on vacay.  If so, then this list is for you!  If not?  Well… move along.

I give you a Las Vegas Packing List: Comfort Edition.

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crop top, silk tank, sleeveless chambray, shirtdress

denim shorts, dressy shorts, culottes

sandals, sneakers, platforms

faux leather weekender

bathing suitsunnies, hat, casual watch, dressy watch

NOT PICTURED, but don’t forget: underwear, pajamas, workout clothes (???), jewelry, camera, phone charger, sunscreen, and toiletries.

Most combinations of these clothes are obviously for daytime – shopping, sightseeing, and most importantly gambling.  But since the list includes sneakers, you could even go for a hike if you so choose. The black shirtdress is perfect for a pool cover-up or just pop on those comfy platforms, pile on the jewelry and a fancy watch, and you’re ready to wear it out on the town.  The dressy shorts and silk tank are good with the platforms too for dinner and/or a show. But I could also see the sleeveless chambray worn with the dressy shorts for a cute daytime look. 

weekend trip, mom style, capsule wardrobe, minimalist wardrobe, summer, outfits, packing list, las vegas

Hope this gives you some inspiration for packing light!  Viva Lost Wages…  Las Vegas.  I know.  Old joke.

  1. Why don’t I see any of these clothes in your summer capsule? Don’t get me wrong, I love these clothes. Maybe since it’s a vacation you get to buy new clothes? hehehe

    1. Haha I wish I could! I did pull a couple old items from storage for vacation, and I wanted to find current links for people who might be traveling, so it’s not an exact copy of what I took. I HAVE bought a couple new things this season, but more on that Friday! Stay tuned 🙂

  2. So cute Jaana! You have great taste. And I’m pretty sure I would have looked like I was going to church when “going out” in my 20’s too.

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