Taking Stock for Fall 2016

Taking Stock for Fall 2016

I originally found the Taking Stock list on the Meet Me at Mike’s blog. Thanks for checking in!

Making:  chokers.
Cooking:  strike.
Drinking:  cofffffeeee duh.
Reading:  emails and forgetting to answer.
Trawling:  the internet for travel deals (yeah, I had to look up trawling too).
Wanting:  to be better.
Looking:  for ways to do it all.
Deciding:  to RV or not to RV.
Wishing:  this heat wave was not real.
Enjoying:  my Stevie-free time.
Waiting:  for inspiration to strike.
Liking:  when Stevie sings along.
Wondering:  if I’ll make it through another round of MetaShred.  Holy crap.
Loving:  how patient Fergus is with Stevie.
Pondering:  whether I will ever truly be satisfied with my wardrobe.
Listening:  to old DMB, Coldplay, Dixie Chicks and Gwen Stefani to relive the fun concerts I saw this year.
Considering:  meal planning.  Add it to the list.
Buying:  second hand.
Watching:  WestWorld.
Hoping:  my writing/creative rut ends soon.
Marveling:  when Stevie uses new phrases like “get your ass outta here mom”.
Cringing:  politics, soooo ew.
Needing:  to stop the negative self-talk.
Questioning:  how three people make so much laundry.
Smelling:  the sweet sweet combination of BBQ and… Taco Bell?
Wearing:  shorts one day, jackets the next.
Following:  less.
Noticing:  Stevie pointing out the letter S and N, which is huge for him!
Knowing:  I should never own a fiddle leaf tree again — too high maintenance.
Thinking:  about what workshop(s) to take.
Admiring:  the powerhouse moms in my mom group.
Getting:  cravings for real life full-dairy cheese.
Bookmarking:  mostly plants and clothes.
Disliking:  my random bouts of impatience.
Opening:  furniture mags.
Giggling:  with my best girl friends.
Feeling:  the urge to throw a backyard party.
Trying: to weave on a DIY loom — and hating it.
Hearing:  my husband’s encouragement.
Celebrating:  the holidays so soon!
Pretending:  that I haven’t been pigging out the last 2 (or more) weeks.
Embracing:  my existing friendships.

  1. Great photos! So lucky you got to see Gwen 🙂 I just adore her and her latest CD is on heavy rotation in my house. Your sweet pup Fergus is just too adorable and I am so glad he is patient with Stevie.

  2. So much fun! More in store. Love you friend

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