Taking Stock for Spring

Taking Stock for Spring

Making: bridal shower + bachelorette party plans
Cooking: leaving that to the professionals
Drinking: all the coffee
Reading: … wut iz reading?
Wanting: donuts
Looking: at the longest line ever of Hot Wheels cars on my living room floor
Playing: is harder than it looks
Deciding: which dress to rent – this one or this one?
Wishing: bathing suits fit more like underwear
Enjoying: our backyard to the max
Waiting: for the perfect white tee to find me
Liking: that y’all can get 15% off my favorite watches with this code!
Wondering: how it’s possible I’ve caught a cold 4 damn months in a row
Loving: that ModCloth and Nordstrom have decent ‘made in the USA’ search options
Pondering: the whole notion of feeling SATISFIED
Considering: a new camera – mine has taken over 150,000 photos!
Buying: everything online is difficult – 90% of what I order doesn’t fit and gets sent back
Watching: Mr. Robot (holy shit!!!)
Hoping: I’m doing a good job
Marveling: at how many times I’ve been to Disneyland already this year
Cringing: politics
Needing: a method to get rid of ants once and for all
Questioning: did Marimekko keep their quality standards for the Target line? #whomadethoseclothes
Smelling: On Guard oils all over my body
Wearing: it’s Birkenstock season baby
Following: truncationblog.com
Noticing: how difficult it has been to nurture and cultivate my friendships at this stage of life
Knowing: that I’m about as busy as I can handle
Thinking: about the things that truly bring me joy, how to have more of that
Admiring: people who really master their trade
Sorting: through garage sale items, this is happening
Getting: a costume for my brother’s Renaissance theme wedding (!!!)
Bookmarking: lots of home inspo
Coveting: brittenelle’s cool girl style
Disliking: that I’m breaking out on my face like a god damn teenager
Opening: up to play dates, for Stevie’s benefit
Giggling: at the Will Sasso impression of Schwarzenneger in the Arctic (check Facebook)
Feeling: a little all over the place
Snacking: on non-microwave popcorn (it’s just not the same)
Learning: that dish soap kills mushrooms – I WIN!
Hearing: my favorite sound as of late – silence.

I originally found the Taking Stock list on the Meet Me at Mike’s blog. Thanks for checking in!

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  1. I’ve been so behind on my blogs since moving. Loved catching up on what’s going on with you. Loved your middle finger comment on another post. Too funny!

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