Taking Stock: Summer 2016

Taking Stock: Summer 2016

Making: more time for TV (we started and are almost caught up with GOT).

Cooking: Stevie’s really into vegan mac + cheeze right now. So I’m technically microwaving.

Drinking: this amazingly refreshing grapefruit beer.

Reading: who has time to read?? No, I seriously need to know.

Wanting: a whole new wardrobe. Yeah… we on that again. It happens once in a while.

Looking: at a Viking cruises catalog – a girl can dream!

Playing: with Fergus. King Stevie’s orders.

Deciding: on furniture.

Wishing: Summer would slow down and speed up all at once.

Enjoying: any and all quiet time.

Waiting: the second batch of birdies to hatch in my hanging basket. 

Liking: the current weather. Pants in July is just fine with me.

Wondering: if Stevie ever thinks about anything other than cars.

Loving: when you reconnect with old friends and not only pick up right where you left off, but also want to keep hanging out!

Pondering: always happens in the middle of the night.

Considering: a big trip somewhere – by myself. And another one with my husband. And another one with our friends. And another and another…

Buying: cool planters.

Watching: the new season of Mr. Robot starts soon!

Hoping: Stevie loves kindergarten. 

Marveling: over the pain and sadness in our country and around the world.

Cringing: at my messy bedroom. 

Needing: to fold about 17 loads of laundry.

Questioning: how to control angry hormonal outbursts. The struggle is so real people!

Smelling: dog. We’ve washed him, but he still smells like a dog. 

Wearing: that REIFhaus jumpsuit so so much. I might need a backup!

Following: Top 8 Free Eats for recipes that are healthy and food-allergen friendly. Find her on Instagram too.

Noticing: when I’m not super swamped with work, my motivation tanks pretty quickly. 

Knowing: busy season will come soon enough.

Thinking: my fam is all too far away.

Admiring: my former self, who used to paint her nails like every 3 days. Good for you, younger Jaana.

Sorting: my priorities. 

Getting: my first facial peel. I’m… scared?

Bookmarking: very leafy backyards and patios. 

Coveting: this new Arvo watch for Fall. (You can get 15% off with code: 469W383!!)

Disliking: when my roots grow out a little too fast. Although it’s fun to see my Sommer.

Opening: less packages this month. Gotta save up for all these dream vacations.

Giggling: with enough champs, everything is funny.

Feeling: excited for my friends who just bought a house (even though I insist that it’s too far from us).

Snacking: salt and vinegar almonds. 

Helping: ourselves to s’mores. Like all the time.

Hearing: Stevie hum a tune over and over. Don’t know where he learned it though.

Mixing: up my bra collection.

Worrying: about my weight too much. 

Slicing: lots of watermelon ’round these parts.

Celebrating: nothing right now. There was so much celebrating the last couple months. I’m tired. 

Forgetting: people’s names. I hate that!

Winning: at happy hour.

Pretending: the Hot Wheels are in line at the drive-thru.

Sneaking: all the snacks in private so Stevie doesn’t steal them from me.

Embracing: so many boys in my house!

I originally found the Taking Stock list on Meet Me at Mike’s blog. Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Thanks love! I love this pic of us…Cant wait to see you guys!!!!

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