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Going Places {Southern Utah Renaissance Wedding + Bridal Shower}

The last few weeks my head has been spinning!  Why are we so busy??  I swear I don’t sit down from the time I wake up …

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Mom Style {Taking Stock for Spring}

Making: bridal shower + bachelorette party plans Cooking: leaving that to the professionals Drinking: all the coffee Reading: … wut iz reading? Wanting: donuts Looking: at …

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Mom Style {5 More Friday Confessions}

Paul and I went to a timeshare presentation almost 2 years ago, purely for the free vacation and prize vouchers.  Our vouchers all expired and we …

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Mom Style {Mama Like: Younique Liquid Mineral Foundation}

I’ve confessed before that I’m not really a blush person. I find it difficult to wear with my rosacea.  I realized I am not a …

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