The Thanksgiving Roller Coaster

The Thanksgiving Roller Coaster

How was your Thanksgiving?


Oh, ours?  Ours was fine.  Thanks for asking.

Sure, by “fine” I might also mean “we survived”.  Stevie had 5 days off of school, so.  You know.  No comment.

And this evening, when I turned off the last of my weekend TV shows and realized the new week was starting, I wondered why I already felt drained.  I guess the whole weekend sort of felt like a roller coaster.

From the excitement of seeing extended family —>
To the horror of hearing politics at the dinner table —>
To the relief that everyone talked it out nicely —>
To the surprise of a fun museum day —>
To the joy of Christmas decorating —>
To the coziness of heated blankets and slippers and rain —>
To silliness with friends —>
To the ease of online Christmas shopping —>
To the unbearable whining of regular shopping —>
To pangs of sadness from missing my family —>
To annoyance that Stevie asked approximately 2,000 times in one day for his Christmas presents —>
To knowing there are still 26 more days of that to deal with —>
To the WOW our December calendar looks nuts —>
To the bliss of seeing Santa and getting a super cute picture —>
To the major eye rolls over restaurant tantrums —>
To the sighs at never ending laundry —>
To the panic over numbers on the scale —>
To the WTF moments in the Gilmore Girls revival —>
To the much needed break from my laptop —>
To laughter at some of the choice phrases being used around here —>
To I’m-going-to-kill-these-animals-if-I-have-to-clean-up-poop-off-the-floor-one-more-time outbursts —>
To the wrestling matches and hot wheels and everything else in between.

So… the usual, I guess.

Sure can’t wait til Christmas break. #thankful