Summer 2017 Video!

Summer 2017 Video!

I got on a roll editing this week!  Go me!  Often times I use my big camera with big plans and big intentions to put together the cutest videos, but it’s a really easy thing to put aside for later.  And later.  And later.  So they rarely never happen.  And while one of my summer goals was to not be lazy with my camera, I didn’t specifically say I wouldn’t be lazy with whatever came out of that camera.

So I’m glad that this is done!  I got a cute little video put together of Stevie’s summer activities.


Summer is not my favorite time of year.  Well, not since I became an adult anyway.  But this summer was miles better than last summer.  Last year I felt kinda… destroyed and burned out, to sound as dramatic as possible.  Everything just seemed too hard.  The days with Stevie were sooo long.  I had to pull him out of summer camp because his behavior was so bad.  And I just couldn’t find it in me to be a fun mom.  It’s actually a big reason why I fell off the blogging band wagon too.  I was zapped emotionally, physically, mentally, and creatively.  No juices left for any of it.  I’m not even fully ready to come back yet!

This summer, I tried to find a little balance.  I knew we couldn’t go on adventures every single day, but I did muster up the energy to do a few fun things.  I should clarify the “fun” things are the things that I want to do.  And the rest of the days, we did the things that make Stevie happy — playing Hot Wheels, riding bikes in the front yard, and going for walks.  Snoozefest.  Haha. We did find a mutual love for pool parties though!

Anyway, I love this video and when I compare it to the last summer video I made (3 years ago!) its fun to see how much he’s grown.  He looks the same, just scrunched into a tinier body.  So cute.