Summer Goals

Summer Goals

Summer is already upon us!  Stevie is out of school and Memorial Day weekend is but a memory.  Ours had its ups and downs and the down parts got me all sorts of anxious at the thought of our impending long, hot summer.  So it’s time for me to focus on some other things.

The past couple years, my summer goals were mostly to have a bathing suit body.

Well, I have a bathing suit and I have a body.   So there it is.  Goal met.

Sure.  Yes.  This body is ten pounds heavier than last year’s body.  But it’s a body nonetheless.  I’ve been working really hard and not getting anything near the results I want and to be perfectly honest with you, I am soooo sick of thinking about it.  And worrying about it.  If I decide at some point to wear a bathing suit, I’m just gonna wear the HELL out of it.  Okay?  Fluffy bits and all.

This year, I would like my goals to be less of the superficial type. Well, one of them will be to wear a bathing suit without wanting to die, but other than that.

I mean, really though.  I don’t know how you guys walk around in those things.


OK what other goals can I work on? I can think of a few!  I won’t share them all because then you know too much about how my brain works and the type of rampage it’s been on.  But here are a few.

  1. Hydrate better.  Champagne doesn’t count.  At least 64 oz of water a day.
  2. Wear freakin sunscreen and/or a hat.  Like every day.  Note: find a good hat.
  3. Continue Wednesday date-nights-in.
  4. Teach Stevie to put shoes on.  Any kind of shoes. I don’t care anymore.
  5. Pare down the closet and make a summer style lookbook of my favorite outfits.
  6. Don’t be lazy with my big camera.
  7. Go somewhere I haven’t been yet with my husband.  Doesn’t have to be fancy.  A nice restaurant or museum will do.
  8. Continue working on my sewing skills.  I am going to try pants next!
  9. Take the yelling down a notch.
  10. Swim, play outside, dance in a meadow, frolic on a beach, wear dresses, ride bikes, day drink, belly laugh, s’mores for dinner, watch the sunsets, relish in silence.

Ok those last few were totally LaLa Land Jaana talking.  But you get the idea.  I think I’ve mentioned before how much I miss the more light-hearted version of myself.  Whether it was naivety or youth, a little sliver of that would be nice to have back.  And what better time than summer?

mom life, summer goals mom life, summer goals mom life, summer goals Do you have any goals for summer?  Is this a thing?  Or just me?

Either way, let’s do this.



  1. I love your honesty about live and motherhood. Also- I feel you about the swimming suit. Just wearing one and going with it seems very freeing (we live in a place where, culturally, swimming happens once in a few eons. We don’t have beaches or pools near, so…. I get a new swimming suit every few years maybe). Also- I like Lala Land Jaana and her goals too. Seems like you’ve been nailing that side of things, based on your Instagrams.

    Our goals this summer have been:

    Daily walks with the baby. And with the dogs.
    Making time for family and for each other (admittedly that was the husband’s more than mine, as he took on a new consulting job in addition to a regular job)
    Going to the library
    Taking pictures for my blog again

    All but the last one is going pretty well. With a new baby, we are learning to keep expectations…. not low, but manageable. Like, originally, we were going to go to Yellowstone this summe r(we live right by it), but with a ton of construction and someone with a very piercing cry and a need to nap every few hours. Expectations were adjusted.

  2. The bathing suit body thing is really, really tough. I actually started avoiding swimming at get-togethers and anywhere public because of how embarrassed I was about being really out of shape/pale/etc. I LOVE swimming, so in addition to being sad about not joining in, I’d beat myself up about being too self-conscious to just get out there and enjoy it. A few months ago I decided I was f&cking sick of waiting until I had a better body and decided I’d run around in my frump swimsuit like I did when I was a kid and not give a sh&t. So I got myself an 80’s style boob-smasher one-piece from Amazon that made me laugh, and did it. Like actually chafed my inner thighs from running around in my swimsuit all day. And it was GLORIOUS (OK not the chafing, but ohhh the freedom). Not gonna lie, it’s not an easy outlook to maintain, but I keep trying 🙂

    Loving your goal #10. Joyful and mindful and low-pressure and kind of the perfect summer to-do list..

    Also, if you have sewing-pants success, definitely share – always love sewing inspo!

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