Surgery Date Set

Today we had our consultation with the amazing and brilliant and wonderful Dr. Wells, who performed the baby’s first heart surgery, and basically saved his life – not only from the heart condition, but also during the complications in surgery. He acted quickly and seeing him today reminded me how grateful I am for him. He remembered little Stevie right away because he gave them such a scare. The doc said his heart dropped after surgery when the little guy kept going into cardiac arrest. He reiterated how dang lucky we are that he is here today!!

So we are set to go at the end of September. We initially thought we’d be going in June/July, but there are a couple benefits to waiting, basically just letting the munchkin get that much bigger and stronger. Just as a refresher, this surgery will be to repair the hole in his heart and put a new pulmonary valve in place. It won’t be his last surgery, but they are expecting the new parts to last until he’s 3-5 years old. There are a few things we will need to do between now and then, but I am honestly a little relieved to put it off for a couple more months. The first thing huz & I did was look at each other and say “OK, now we can take a little vacation this summer!” It will be so nice to spend some time as a family and get out of town for a few days and unwind before the big event. I’m thinking somewhere with a killer pool…

Anyway, the appointment went well and the surgeon had nothing but positive things to say. They’ve done this surgery thousands of times and don’t anticipate any problems, especially with how well Stephen is doing.

To infinity and beyond!

I don’t know, it just seemed fitting.

  1. Jaana,

    you are an amazing person and Stevie is blessed to have you as a mom!!! you guys are in my prayers!!!



  2. End of Sept gives Paul time to get some of these projects under his belt… I am glad that it wasn’t all going to happen at the same time. Phew! The little man will rock the surgery, for sure!

  3. That is AWESOME News! Thanks for sharing all this info and letting us all be prayerful for you guys. I love little Stevie Wonder and I’ve never actually met the little Man! Love you Jaana! You and Paul are doing an amazing job!

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