39 Pictures on My 39th Birthday

39 Pictures on My 39th Birthday

I woke up with a huge pimple, new wrinkles, and a sore body.  Started the day crying and then was forced to snap out of it (kids have a way of making you do that).  I did laundry and took Stevie to the dentist.  It was a regular day, topped off with the knowledge that I’m getting older.  A blessing and a curse.  Searching for a balance of being grateful, but wanting more.  An overwhelming sense of being loved and loving many, along with a crushing weight of loneliness.  Or maybe just being alone with my thoughts too often. What a trip this life is.  It doesn’t always make sense.  But I continue trying to grasp on and embrace the good with the bad, because it wouldn’t be anything without both.

  1. Happy birthday Jaana! I was actually shocked to see you were turning 39! You look much younger… for real! Stevie in his little bathrobe is just the cutest thing.

  2. Happy Birthday! I too turn 39 this year, and feel similarly conflicted about appreciating what I have and wanting more xxx

    1. It’s a super weird age! Although I felt similar at 29. Right before the “milestone” birthdays I have a lot of moments. 😬

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