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Going Places {Cousins Day at Knott’s Berry Farm}

After our disastrous cousins trip last year to Disneyland, I wasn’t so sure Knott’s this year would be any better.  But I kept telling myself …

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going places, knotts berry farm, cousin day, fun weekend

Going Places {Moving Day}

We moved.  We moved, we moved, we moved!  All our stuff is here in the new house.  Barely a thing has been put away, but …

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going places, moving day, new house, los angeles, spanish style

Mom Style {5 More Friday Confessions}

Stevie says the weirdest things lately. But when I hear “I wanna call dad tell him Stevie farted on Gadoo’s head” I can’t help but …

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Going Places {A Real Life House!}

I’ve been super reserved about announcing anything prematurely. There are so many wheels in motion and so many things have to line up perfectly for …

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