Summer 10x10 Challenge

Summer 10x10 Challenge

Another day, another style challenge!

Summer is definitely my most difficult season for dressing.  It seems like it should be the easiest!  I really feel like I should have this down by now.  I mean, I always start off optimistic enough.  Every single June, I’m like this is my year to wear cute dresses and embrace those easy, California-girl, summery feelings!

And every single July, I’m like it is way to freakin’ hot to be cute.  Cut-offs and a tee.  FOREVER.

So for 2017, I made some real changes to my summer wardrobe, without spending a lot of money:  I feel myself more and more drawn to linens and relaxed fits, but finding dream clothing that is responsibly made can get really expensive.


If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this.  I’ve been sharing a few of my projects there as I go.  It has been really fun and really frustrating.  But I’m proud of myself that I started and I’m learning.  I’m seeing improvements (for the most part) and I’m really figuring out what I like to wear.  When I make the clothes myself, it has to be simple and comfortable because a) I’m not very good yet, and b) putting all that time and effort into something that I’m not going to wear would be such a waste.  So it’s all very thoughtful.  I buy fabrics that I love and let them sit for quite some time.  I look at them and touch them and wait until inspiration strikes.

Not all of my projects have been successful.  A jersey knit dress was a complete fail.  Some simply haven’t held up.  And some items are waiting to get reworked.  But all of this sewing takes my mind off shopping like nothing else.  It’s given me a new excitement and appreciation for clothing.

And back to my point.

This #summer10x10 challenge (hosted by Caroline + Lee) has by far been my most successful wardrobe challenge to date.  I made about 1/2 the pieces that I included, and I’m so pleased with all the looks.  They all reflect that easy, effortless, California (AKA beach bum) vibe that I’ve always struggled to achieve.  Once I put all the pieces next to each other, I realized I inadvertently chose colors that reflect those beach vibes too.  The blue-ish gray of the ocean, the warm sand, and even a little seashell pink.

So I ultimately think this mini capsule would make the perfect packing list for a sun-soaked vacation.

summer capsule wardrobe, mini capsule, style challenge, summer 10x10

  1. LINEN TANK (old, I altered into a crop style) | SIMILAR made responsibly
  2. PINK WRAP TOP (made by me, fabric from Michael Levine) | SIMILAR tee (made responsibly)
  3. STRIPE DRESS (made in the USA) | SIMILAR fabric from Amazon
  4. STRIPE CROP TOP (made by me, fabric from Amazon) | SIMILAR matching set in pink stripe
  5. STRIPE SHORTS (made by me, fabric from Amazon) | SIMILAR  matching set in pink stripe
  6. DENIM SHORTS (sized up for loose fit)
  7. JUMPSUIT in natural (made responsibly)
  8. TUNIC (made by me, fabric from Michael Levine) | SIMILAR (this is the one I want!)
  9. HAREM PANTS (made by me, fabric from Michael Levine) | SIMILAR
  10. FLIP FLOPS (made in the USA) | SIMILAR for less

Here are the 10 looks that I came up with:

summer 10x10, wardrobe challenge, mini capsule wardrobe

I barely even accessorized, because I didn’t want to complicate this one tiny bit. I only added sunglasses and a bag (this one or one like this).  Oh, and this beautiful hat while I was out and about.  I think the styling — or lack thereof — only contributes to the relaxed energy I’m trying to give off.

Before the challenge started, I honestly wondered if I should do another one.  I didn’t see any thing else I could possibly learn, and I don’t know that it necessarily helps with my writing rut.  But I’m so glad I did.  It forced me to hone in on the summer style I’ve been craving and makes me hate the heat a little bit less.

Tell me more about your summer style!  Do you have one nailed down?


  1. Whoa you MADE those harem pants? They look awesome! Did you use a tutorial (and if so, mind sharin’)?

    1. Hey! I kind of used a tutorial, but then winged it where I needed to. This one is for wide-leg pants, but gave me the basics to follow:

      Then I cut mine narrower along the leg line to make them more tapered and added the elastic to the ankles. (It took MANY tries to get it right though, since I would pin, try on, cut more, pin, try on, cut more. Oy!)

      Good luck! 🙂

  2. Love the wrap top! My summer style is… finally feeling brave (and toned) enough to wear the occasional sleeveless top and wondering if I can get away with wearing jeans without – A. Melting and B. looking ridiculous for wearing jeans when it is 87 degrees and humid….And also wondering what to wear to my husband’s 20-year high school reunion?

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