Summer 30x30 Wardrobe Challenge

Summer 30x30 Wardrobe Challenge

Time, once again, for a wardrobe challenge!  I finally made peace with my closet for the Spring, but feelings have been creeping back in.  The ugh, I have nothing to wear type of feelings.  I’ve been immensely discontent with my closet the last few weeks and I know exactly why.

Hint: it’s never about the clothes.

Whenever I’m in a rut and get the urges for new + shiny things, it always traces back to reasons within myself.  It’s rarely ever (AKA NEVER) because I actually need new clothes.  So, when I find myself doing a lot of pining and online shopping and not sticking to my goals, it seems to take me a minute to realize what’s going on.  And when it finally dawns on me that I’m feeling stressed or tired or not good enough in some way, I can start to reel it back in and see the bigger picture again.

It took me a lot of years, trial + error, and soooo much wasted money before I ever realized where my shopaholic behaviors were coming from.  I’m glad that now I know what to do to manage my urges for shopping sprees.  That’s not to say I never impulse shop or buy things I don’t need.  But when there’s a feeling of urgency and desperation that goes along with it…  That’s when I know it’s not right for me.

So when I heard a few of my favorite style bloggers (Paige, Andrea, and Lee) were doing a 30×30 wardrobe challenge, I decided to jump on board.  These things always seem to come around at the right time to help me focus and get my head in the game.

You’ve seen my 10×10 challenges here and here.  This is essentially the same idea, but we take 30 items to make 30 outfits for 30 days.  June has 30 days.  And it feels like a fresh start to summer.  So here we go!

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Have I ever mentioned how much I hate making these graphics?  They just take forever.

  1. Blush tee by Jamie + the Jones
  2. White cami (old from American Apparel)
  3. Chambray shirt (old from Old Navy)
  4. Drop-sleeve tee by Everlane
  5. Checkered shirt by Tradlands (on sale)
  6. White linen button down by Everlane
  7. Grey v-neck tee by Everlane
  8. Black muscle tank (old from Gap Outlet)
  9. Black linen crop tee (by me!)
  10. Navy blue shirt by Tradlands (on sale!)
  11. Striped button down shirt (old from J. Crew)
  12. Amber tee by Jamie + the Jones
  13. Grey tunic by Tradlands (on sale!)
  14. Grey cardigan (old from Patagonia)
  15. Chambray dress (old from American Apparel)
  16. Overalls (old from American Eagle, I cut them into shorts)
  17. Linen midi dress by Elizabeth Suzann
  18. Striped skirt (old from J. Crew)
  19. Boyfriend jeans (old from Gap)
  20. Mom jeans by Levi’s
  21. Black ankle-zip leggings (old from Gap)
  22. Jean shorts (old from Gap)
  23. Grid print culottes (old from Anthropologie)
  24. Army green culottes (old from Anthropologie)
  25. Black linen dress (by me!)
  26. Gold sneakers by Veja
  27. Heeled booties by Frye
  28. Clogs by Lotta from Stockholm
  29. Slides by AvarcasUSA
  30. Wrap sandals by Sseko Designs
  31. Double strap sandals (old from Nordstrom Rack)

Oops!  I have 31 pieces.  It is highly unlikely that I’ll wear the booties, but it just depends on the weather.  I started off today wearing my checkered shirt, green culottes, and black slides.  (Check your girl on Instagram @thismomsgonnasnap.)  Most of my outfits will be simple and comfy.  Just like I want the rest of my summer to be!

Has anyone else done a 30×30 Wardrobe Challenge?  Tell me about it!


  1. Would you share where you get your patterns from? Or do you make your own patterns? I’m thinking about making a few simple pieces but it’s been years since I’ve done anything more than take in a hem!

  2. I love your pics Jaana. I am super impressed with your me-made pieces and I cannot wait to see them in action! I’ll be following along on IG.

    PS – You’re right, it’s never about the clothes!!! #truth

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